The Goddess Foundation

Activate your love.

A portion of every general sale from our shop is also donated to The Goddess Foundation™ which seeks to fund programs and services by women 4 women across Canada. The Everyday Goddess® is a sometimes queer, intersectional, sex-positive feminist-led lifestyle retail company, supporting their registered Canadian charity, The Goddess Foundation™, on a mission to help other humans embody their bodies and voices through clothing and lifestyle products. Our foundation raises funds for all women: meaning self-identified, meaning cis, trans and non-binary, meaning inclusive of all loving humans who embody the spirit of empowering all of us to rise in power together.

We've raised funds for local women's shelters, Pride organizations and others. If our message connects with you, please note that 15% of the profits from our shop are regularly donated to the Foundation with the exception of special collaborative projects that donate 100% of the profits.

If you're just here to vibe and support the mission, consider donating directly to us HERE


Click our logo to visit our web page on our founder's website or click here to DONATE directly to us.